Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May 4th Official 'Epic Story XP Boost' Notification & WoW Update

Apparently patch 3.2 launched today and it has something to do with an Emperor, and some dark side stuff, and a lot of ships and rocks.  I dunno 'bout all that.  But I do know that the official announcement for the x12 epic story XP boost went live!  Few notes for this:

  • You must be a subscriber, not a free or preferred pleb
  • It runs till 'fall' - may coincide with Force Awakens release?
  • You can toggle it off if you hate fun
  •  Effective for levels 1 through 55 only

It launches May 4th (that's a Monday) so be aware!  It may involve rolling resets on the servers.  Patience is key.  No, wait.  GIMME NOW.

On the WoW front, the team is heading into Blackrock once more.  Our target tonight is normal mode Blast Furnace; we want to see what the nerfs and scaling changes have done to the encounter.  If we can push past him, we'll be 9/10 and moving on to normal mode Blackhand!

Yes, yes before you roll your eyes and say, "Ugh, normal mode is like LFR lulz" remember that our guild name is Casual Losers.  We are both casuals and losers.  Henceforth, we are not the prototypical l33t modez raiders, k?  Show me your AotC achievement if you're so awwwesssooommmme.  Which you probably already have.  But like whatever man.


  1. Whereas my guild is getting ready for Mythic, I am not . . . I am probably classed in a category closer to your guild name, right now, because I have no time. However, these are the people with whom I used to raid, back when I was raiding, so they are my family, and I am content to sit in the sidelines and donate flasks when my bank becomes overloaded with herbs from my garrison dailies.

    Good luck!

    1. We completely blitzed Blast Furnace last night. One shot. It was even a sloppy pull with new folks. Granted, we heavily outgear the fight, but we'd had troubles there before at the same basic ilvl. We even cleared the rest of the instance out and got several pulls on Blackhand ... jesus, that's a fun tank fight!

      You raid Horde or Alliance? If Horde, maybe I can sneak you in on a raid if you're available!

    2. Glad to hear your run went well.

      I've played Alliance since Vanilla: Night Elf Druid healer. Thanks for the thought, though! :)