Monday, May 18, 2015

Dr. Diabolove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Loot

A curious thing happened on the way to the SWTOR forums the other day ...

Crusaders be crusadin'.
I started playing Diablo 3 again.

This is a little surprising for me, honestly.  I bought D3 a year or more ago once they dropped the RMAH (real money auction house).  I was impressed with several of the changes they made to loot drops and the overall fun my friends had while playing.  Deciding they must be on to something, I picked up a copy ahead of the Reaper of Souls expansion ... I think there may have been a sale at the time.

I had fun playing.  It was a pretty good mix of repetitive grind and rewarding loot drops.  I generally stuck to Master difficulty as my newly level 60 Barbarian (Blackhowl, named after my WoW warrior) got progressively better gear.  But I didn't really head into Torment levels and I wasn't overly interested in rifts so my playtime ground to a halt.  It was fun, I'd gotten my money's worth, and I was generally very pleased with the whole experience.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago; WoW's allure is fading fast as our raid team hits a heroic-sized wall in Blackrock Foundry.  A couple of team members vanish into the ether and I'm suddenly left with no heroic progression team, a fast-approaching cut-off date for my raiding (July 23rd is my second child's due date), and an itch for something to do that's not SWTOR-related (hey, a guy can only shoot so many jawas ... no just kidding, shooting jawas is its own reward).

Enter D3.  Or more accurately, re-enter D3.

A couple of officers and I had talked on vent that week about maybe hooking it up in Diablo at some point.  They both had seasonal characters (initial reaction: wtf are seasons) and played semi-regularly.  I made it a point to fire up ol' Diablo again if I ever saw them on ... and that happened this past Friday night.

Brand new Crusader for season 3 created.  Whitehowl is born; opposite to my Barbarian Blackhowl (witty names, amirite)!  "Hop in vent!" they said.  "We'll power you through some rifts!" they said.

Four hours later and my Crusader is level 70, paragon level 23, and has enough gear to start farming Torment I.

I've since put 30+ paragon levels on and have enough gear to comfortably farm Torment II.

I've hit the cow level twice.

I've done greater rifts with my friends for most of Sunday afternoon.

I am WTFBBQSAWSE addicted to this game.

I think the reason it's so attractive to me is the drop-in, drop-out style of play.  I can hop in for an hour, do some serious grinding, and leave.  If I've got a spare 45 minutes, I can just D3 it up for a bit and walk away.

Compared to the time-sink that is SWTOR, Diablo is the perfect counterpunch.  In SWTOR, I generally have to devote at least 2 hours to doing it.  There's the interminable load screens (seriously, how long does Taris take to friggin' load), the fast travel (lol 'fast travel') of speeder bike waypoints, the admittedly fast quick travel option (zipping around the map on a 6 minute cooldown ... take notes WoW), and the cutscenes/story moments.  I don't hate any of that stuff; on the contrary, it sucks me in.  But it does eat up time.  Lots of time.

Droideka hates Taris.  Who doesn't, though.
Diablo is the antithesis of that; the longest wait time I have is loading into the game.  Then it's bounty time and I'm whipping around the maps looking for bastards to kill.  Loot literally rains from the sky.  Stuff explodes in gory showers.  It's a fantastic romp.  If you haven't checked it out in a while, I highly recommend it.

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  1. My D3 story is similar to yours. I can confirm there was a sale before Reaper of Souls released, right around Loot 2.0. I picked up the game then, played through it, and then played through Act V when RoS came out. I played adventure mode a bit, and then shelfed the game.

    I came back months later, and made a seasonal character when that started. Later, I leveled him to max. I ended up rolling a character in season 2 who is 40-ish and just started playing again with season 3. I did get some powerleveling in last season, but as I was playing on hardcore the character ended up dying. Otherwise I've played mostly solo. Not ready for Torment just yet.

    I do have a 70 wizard in normal mode that's on Torment. My hardcore monk from S1 is 70 as well. Otherwise just grinding up the others.

    The cow level is a lie.