Thursday, May 7, 2015

Twelve Times the Fun and Prepping for the (Temporary) End

I've gotten a chance to participate in the experience-palooza that is the subscriber x12* experience boost and I gotta say ... this is how SWTOR should be.  I played my Powertech for a couple of hours and put on about 5 levels.  Granted, I was moving slowly (I forgot how detailed and lovely Nar Shadaa really is), but the leveling pace was so quick that it shocked me.  Basically at around the mid 20s, it's a level (or near enough) for every quest.  That's the type of pace I could learn to live with!

In other news that's sorta sad, it looks like we could be heading for the last hurrah with my current WoW raid team.  Raid fatigue, real-life obligations, and general malaise are all conspiring to bring a swift end to our little team (for now).  In July, I'll be welcoming my second child into the world (though my wife is doing all the hard work) and my raiding time would be coming to an end anyways, but still it's sad to see it go.  I am so happy though that I've been able to raid with friends for such a long time; this same team has been at it since before Throne of Thunder and I've been raiding with some of these very same folks since the heady days of Lich King!

Fare thee well, Casual Losers raid team!  I'm sure we'll get the band back together again soon enough, but this current iteration is having it's last hurrah.  Let's give 'em a viking funeral, except without all the actual burning an' stuff.

*We think it's x12 XP.  I guess I could do the math, but that's boring.

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