Tuesday, May 12, 2015

x12 XP Bonus Progression

Droideka, robo-bounty hunter and all-around douchecanoe, has completed his chapter 1 story!  I'm taking my time and enjoying the sights as a robot jerk; it's proving to be far more fun to be evil than I thought.

I set aside some time to peruse the GTN today.  It's been a while since I've looked at what's selling and what's not, plus I have a lot of older armor that I could offload for some quick credits.  One of the perks of not playing for a while is that I have quite a bit of older armor and cosmetic items built up ... they're more rare and now worth a ton!  Well, some of them.  I'm going to keep a full set of Unburdened armor to myself, just in case I get an itch to look all Jedi-y.

One of the first places I check out is mount section.  Bikes!  Landboats!  Weird pink thingies!  I see that they're selling Tirsas for extremely cheap ... I may have to pick up another landboat soon.  But then I see this ...
All aboard the SS Douchecanoe!

... and I can get a landboat FOR REAL.  A BOAT.  ON LAND.  IN SPACE.  A LAND-SPACE BOAT.  I just can't handle it.  Can't.

So that's now among my favorite mounts of all time.  Along with my Korrealis Commander (and all its mailbox blocking fun), the Chopper my raid team gave me in WoW, and the two drakes I earned in WoW as well; Iron-bound Proto and Spawn of Galakras.

Droideka approves.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the 12x bonus myself with my brother sometime soon. I've been getting the itch for a while to go back in and this is my ticket back there.

    Love the mount. Is that one yours?