Tuesday, May 26, 2015

x12 XP Buff Progression: Bounty Hunter Complete!

This past week I wrapped up my bounty hunter's story missions and hit level 53(!) in the process.

I did have a screencap of Taris, but you can only go to that well so often.
The great hunt was pretty entertaining for the first chapter, but sort of lagged as I hit target after target on a variety of planets, always making sure to eliminate my competition as I progressed.  Chapter 2 was a weird hodgepodge of bounties and intrigue that sort of fizzled out in an unexpected way.  Quesh, as usual, was a massive disappointment; the quest basically resulting in "DO THIS FIGHT" and "LOL LEAVE PLANET."  Not that Quesh was ever a vibrant hub of questing to begin with, but this one felt *especially* brief.  Chapter 3 picked up the pace, though I will say being made into a Sith Lord's personal bitch wasn't that pleasant ... broke the narrative of how badass my character had become.  Won the Great Hunt and the respect of the mighty Mandalore?  Check.  Tackled bounties for some of the hardest-to-kill mofos in the galaxy?  Yep.  Oh, getting choked out by someone who looks like a hemorrhoid and thinks he should take fashion advice from a vending machine?  The hell?

Look boss, there's an asshole in that mirror!
I must also say this; a couple of the bounty hunter's companions are just truly insufferable.  Skadge is a complete asswipe.  And I mean complete and total waste of time; the story would have been better off without him.  Utterly unlikable in any way, shape, or form, even more rage-inducing than the hated Malavi Quinn.  At least Quinn's story was engaging and the betrayal was both shocking and infuriating; Skadge comes onto the scene as an unskilled, rampaging psychopath whose bloodlust is outpaced only by his incredible stupidity.  My bounty hunter wasn't exactly a boy scout, but good lord this guy was a jackass.  I don't think I've ever wanted to kill anyone as badly as I've wanted to kill Skadge.

Table for Dickface.  Dickface, party of one.
Gault falls somewhat along the same lines; an unlikable shitbag who I'd rather just get rid of.  His scheming and conniving may have been ok at first ... but after the umpteenth time hearing "Let's just hide, boss!" I kinda want to brutally murder him and mount his horns on the ship as a trophy.

Who are you again?
Other companions were decent enough; Torian was bland and uninteresting even with his beginning missions, as was Blizz unfortunately.  Sure, 'homicidal Jawa' is an entertaining tagline for the most part, but other than being cute and funny, there wasn't a bunch to him.  Maybe I didn't give him enough room to grow?  I may explore that companion in the future.  God, that sounded creepy.

Mako was Mako; still the best starting companion in the whole game and built-in with the best story as well (at least in my opinion).

Mako customization 2 is the only customization.  There is no debate.
All in all, the story took some twists and turns that I wasn't expecting (and a few I saw coming ... the casino, anyone?) but I was pretty happy with the ending.  It was a nice change of pace to give the ol' double birds to the Lord Douche and the Sith and work alongside the Chancellor instead; an unexpected treat at the end of a pretty humbling story.  But then again, the hero can't always win and there was a moment of sweet, sweet justice as I gunned down that smarmy Sithspawn.

Up next?  I haven't quite decided whether I want to be eaten by a large, scary alien or keep tally for the Scorekeeper with a big, dumb lizard.

Are those tattoos or grill marks?  Mmmm, CheddarKhemwurst.
Who am I kidding.

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