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X12 Buff Progression: Knight Complete!

Well, that was a snoozer of a storyline for 2 chapters.  Then, enter the Emperor (and a shout-out to the Children of the Emperor in the Consular storyline) and blammo, the Knight ends with a flourish!

The beginning chapter for the Knight was decent enough.  Hunting down super weapons was tedious but not mind-numbing (read: Consular noetikon scavenger hunt).  My only real question is great googly moogly, how many terrifying super weapons does the damn Republic have?!  I mean, seriously.  You're supposed to be the 'good guys' yet you apparently greenlit horrific projects like: the Planet Prison that can annihilate an entire atmosphere (with Imp modifications, of course) along with every person on the surface, the Shock Drum that can shake a planet's core to pieces through the power of dubstep, the Death Mark laser that can autonomously take out any target on Alderaan (aka US drone program), and the least offensive yet possibly most horrible Power Guard project that subverts a personality and augments a soldier with cybernetics powerful enough to face Jedi.  Christ on a cracker, what the hell are the guys on Coruscant thinking?

Straight homey chillin' on Nar Shaddaa.
The second chapter was a mish-mash of Emperor-related stuff; he basically acted as bogeyman and you meet Lord Scourge (the first time).  It wasn't bad or good ... I guess the most damning thing I could say was that it was utterly forgettable up until the end.  That's when it got very interesting as the Emperor becomes a full-fledged villain in your story.  The assualt on the cloaked fortress was pretty impressive and fun and the twist in the end is a pretty awesome setup for an excellent third chapter!

And woo boy, what a third chapter.  After breaking free of the ol' Emperor's control, you race across the galaxy (well, to 3 planets) to stop him from becoming an all powerful Force-controlling Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  I particularly enjoyed Corellia as I got to finally face Braga, but also interact with the Sith/Jedi I'd encountered along the way.  Bengel Morr!  That weird alien guy I apparently saved on Tython named Unaw!  Lord friggin' Praven!

I'll be honest, I got a serious kick out of seeing Praven.  I chose to treat him honorably on Tatooine and seeing him here, so strong with the light side and forthright was very fulfilling.  I wish I could have taken Praven instead of the remarkably one-note Lord Scourge.

Using level 50 basic comm gear for the final two planets felt like cheating.  I liked it.
The final assault on Dromund Kaas and the encounter with the Emperor was legitimately nerve-wracking for me.  I thought it was great to see DK from the other side, as an invading party hell-bent on annihilating the Emperor once and for all, was fresh and exciting.  The cutscenes placed around the actual assault were pretty wimpy; I was hoping to see some semblance of a huge fleet action as the Republic forces clashed with the Empire over Kaas to buy you time to make your approach but alas.  The attack on the temple and the actual encounter with the Emperor was all handled very well and fantastically written ... the first two chapters (up until your capture) were pretty much a snoozefest, but Bioware truly redeemed themselves with this final arc's story and feel.

Another interesting thing I noticed; this is the 3rd character I've leveled through story with this particular buff and each one has ended up right at level 53.  I've had 10% XP from guilds on two of 'em, and 7.4% on the other; I used 25% boosts occasionally on my bounty hunter and consular, and then very, very heavily on my Knight ... and each one wound up the same dang place.  I'm guessing the leveling curve flattened out those levels through xp (at higher levels, the xp decreased) but still ... odd to all wind up at 53 like clockwork.  I also was pretty sparing with my comms this time around and bought myself a nearly-complete 146 set when I hit 50!  Boy howdy, this made stuff easier late in the story on Voss and Corellia.

I was pretty sure that I'd rank the Knight on the lower half of my story favorites, but the 3rd act just completely redeemed the entire arc.  I'll place it in the top half alongside Agent, Warrior, and Smuggler.
  1. Agent
  2. Warrior
  3. Smuggler
  4. Knight
  5. Hunter
  6. Trooper
  7. Consular

*Yet to finish Inquisitor

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  1. Congratulations on your achievement! Aargh, you're going to beat me to having done all the class missions at this rate (I just need the warrior one, but I'm not focusing on it right now). I really disliked the super weapon part myself, but, as you said, the 3rd arc is just really cool.