Saturday, June 6, 2015

x12 XP Buff Progression: Consular Complete!

I thought that I'd do my Inquisitor after the completion of the Bounty Hunter, but for some unknown and frankly strange reason, the (dark-side) Consular just called out to me.  I'd heard that the storyline was ... suboptimal to put it kindly.  I'm happy to report that the Consular storyline is not completely dog-shit awful.

Chiss Consular is best Consular.

Oh, it starts slow enough.  The Great Noetikon Easter Egg Hunt is atrociously stupid.  Saving Yuon or Yuong or whatever the hell her stupid name is simultaneously anticlimactic and insipid.  Yes, let's expend all this effort to fight a dark side plague or something.  Sure, let's concentrate on this one Master and largely ignore the far-reaching implications of this 'plague.'  Oh, and let's call it a plague and then never, ever, not even for one second think that it could spread.  Yes, let's be surprised that a plague has spread!

And the whole dark side plague thing?  Jesus, stab me in the dick.  Ugh.  That's about on par with midichlorians and cutesy Darth Vader kid blowing up a warship with gumption and a goofy hairdo.

Thankfully, once this stupid shit is done in Chapter 1, you can opt to off your Master.  I've never hit a dark side option so fast in my life.

The second act picked up a bit; the Rift Alliance storyline may also have been insipid and ridiculous, but to a lesser degree.  The idea that this mega-powerful secret alliance could exist and possible turn on the Republic beggars belief, actually.  And for the Rep big shots to openly beg the Rifters to come back or to stay or whatever the hell they're doing, well that shit don't fly.  Sure, Balmorra's important for the weapons and Manaan's important for the kolto supply.  But last time I checked, wasn't Manaan neutral?  Weren't they supplying both sides?  I'm falling back on my original KOTOR information here though, so it may be a bit different now.

Anyways, these Riftwads stay with you for the rest of the story, alternating between being in awe of your prowess and totally throwing shade right in yo face.  Fun guys, really.  Bastards.

The last act really redeemed the whole story for me though; the search for the First Son and systematically murdering the Children of the Emperor made me feel like my dark-sided, pig-tailed Consular was a major player on the galactic stage.  And the First Son reveal was something I didn't quite expect, which was nice!

Also, murdering the First Son with my massive Force skills was good too.

My only real complaints, other than the paper-thin plot for 2/3rds of the story and the dipshit political fatcats I had to constantly impress/threaten/ego-boost, were the incredibly sparse dark-side choices.  In fact, any sort of alignment choices would have been nice.  I felt a real lack during the entire class story of any decisions that affected light/dark side.  My Bounty Hunter seemed to have more choices, to be honest.  It may just be my feeling too; I have no facts to back this up.  But they felt few and far between.

Anyways, at the end of the day I rate this story as "OK."

EDIT: Nope, I hated this damn story.  After thinking on it for a bit, I've decided that the entire arc can't be redeemed by the final 2% of it.  This story sucked ass.

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