Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hospital Today and a Few FFXIV Screenshots!

Well, one last update before we welcome the newest Targetess into the fold!  We'll be packing up soon to head to the hospital to (theortically) welcome my new daughter into the world ... at a somewhat undetermined time today (or tomorrow)!

I've been meaning to put a few screenies of my FFXIV guy up for a while, so I'll just post 'em up before we head out as a final update for a bit.  Here we go!

I was a little enamored of the panoramas and vistas of FFXIV and didn't know how to hide the UI, so there's a lot of clutter in some of 'em.  Forgives meh.  Technical specs so you know what I'm running: 6-core AMD 3.3ghz processor, 750ti card, running all graphics at the high level save for shadows, which is at medium.  I've got shadow smoothing on and my card stays pretty cool the whole time.  It's more graphically intensive than WoW (duh) but better optimized than SWTOR (card runs 5 degrees hotter in Star Wars).

The Limsa Lominsa Lower Docks - near the Thieves Guild.
Caught a good angle to see the sunset.  Love the sunsets in Limsa Lominsa (a pirate city).

Limsa Lominsa - near Costa Del Sol.  I visit here for the Maelstrom leves (daily quests) and for the music.  Seriously, it's so soothing.  I was shocked today to see the draw distance; usually it's a bit hazy, but today the weather was clear and bright and I could see forever.

Same place, just looking out over the ocean.  Usually you can't see that far if it's even remotely foggy, but today was so clear ... it was amazing to see islands out that far!  Also, don't mind the bondage gear my ninja's wearing.  It's the best piece of equipment for my level ... but it makes me look like the gimp :(

My ninja showing off the Ul'dah sunset while out adventuring!  Being born in Arizona, I'm always partial to desert sunsets.  The sky turns orange here for like 2 minutes and it's wonderful.

Thug life.  Also, skull and crossbones eyepatch.  JUST STAHP FFXIV.  I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH.

Lookit this sheep!  I slaughtered him shortly afterwards for a quest, but lookit how cute!  I did feel bad.  Somewhat.

Heh.  Doody.
Time for ol' Backfist to take a nap!  Catch ya'll in a few days!

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  1. Nice and I believe you hit scroll lock to hide the UI (I play on a PS3, not a keyboard...)