Friday, August 7, 2015

Do Thrall and Tirion Fordring Die in World of Warcraft: Legion?

Quick note!  SWTOR launched a new gameplay trailer this week  to show off the KotFE expansion!  I'll have some more thoughts on that next week as we learn more.  I'm obviously super excited about it.  FYI!  Here's a GAMESCOM 2015 CANTINA CODE!  Usable up to 50 times, so feel free to snag it while you can.  And if you'd like to get back into SWTOR, use my referral link!

Logo courtesy of IZYLOCK from Reddit!

One of the main features of Legion is the 'artifact weapon' system is the ability to wield iconic weapons ... that are currently being used by other people.  Ashbringer, for instance, and the Doomhammer.  Normally, those weapons are used by Tirion and Thrall respectively.  But in Legion, Retribution Paladins will wield Ashbringer and Enhancement Shaman will have the Doomhammer.  So, that begs the question ... what happened to their former owners?  Check out these vid links from the Gamescom 2015 presentation ... they may sound a bit ominous:

Is Asfrasiabi hinting that we could be losing major characters in the Broken Isles pre-launch event?  It certainly seems so.  Tirion and Thrall are definitely a bit long in the tooth, with Thrall's influence waning with each expansion.  Tirion's last relevant moment came atop Icecrown when he put a hat on his barbecued former best friend.  Perhaps it's a good time to use their deaths to make a clean break with old, existing lore and push out into a new, brave direction.

Of course, WoW fans will lose their collective shit if Thrall dies.  They mock Blizzard for making Thrall all-powerful and incessantly call him Green Jesus, but if they were to kill him?  Lordy, the inferno on the forums would be intense.  I'd almost pay to see it!

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