Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Slacking on SWTOR and MMOs in General



My little daughter has really put a crimp in my MMO gaming.  GUH.  I rarely get any stretch of time to myself that isn't sleeping, eating, or pooping.  Actually, that's very much like my daughter's schedule too now that I think about it ... 

Anyways, on the few times that I actually do get time to myself (usually while my wonderful wife is entertaining said baby so I can get a breather and my son is occupied/asleep/outside/somewhere else), I usually don't have enough time to warrant jumping on an MMO and getting a decent play session in.  It's a sad state of affairs, really.

I had a minor panic attack this morning though.

As of today, there are only 69 days left of x12 XP as we know it.  That means I have to get crackin' on both my Inquisitor AND my new Togruta agent.  Granted, Bioware has said they're going to streamline the leveling experience once KotFE drops anyways and make this boost permanent (in some fashion), so my hysteria is unwarranted ... but still.  There's a thing!  And I may miss out on the last days of the thing!  So, like, I need to do the thing before it's no longer a thing!

So, plan of attack: probably need to get in there and polish off my Inquisitor before the end of August.  September will be Agent time.  I need something to do while I watch soccer anyways and blasting through the excellent storylines is as good a diversion as any.

KotFE release notes!  The deadline for having Nico Okarr as a companion has come and gone, but there's still lots of stuff left to get!  Subscribe by August 31st to get Nico's blaster set, which either he can use or you can take.  September 30th is the trenchcoat, and on the last day of x12 XP, October 19th, you can get a swoop bike mount from KotR!  And if you're subscribed through the entire time, you'll get early access on October 20th, ahead of the general 27th release date.

SWTOR launched a new gameplay trailer last week  to show off the KotFE expansion!  I'll have some more thoughts on that as we learn more.  I'm obviously super excited about it.  FYI!  Here's a GAMESCOM 2015 CANTINA CODE!  Usable up to 50 times, so feel free to snag it while you can.  And if you'd like to get back into SWTOR, use my referral link!

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