Friday, August 21, 2015

Zakuul Armor is Totes the Tightest Guys


She's a month old and UGH GET A JOB ALREADY.  Freebooters and ne'er-do-wells!  Lazy, the lot of 'em!  Can't expect handouts yer whole life!  It's been 30 days since you were born, GET OVER YERSELF GAWD.

I know this month's MMO plan was the be all Inquisitor, all the time, but uh ... that didn't work out so well.  Like, zero percent progress on that dude.  If I could actually have negative progress, that'd be more accurate.

So instead what I did was make a new Togrutan agent (Togrutagent?  Trademarkin' that bastich) and level her for a bit, then I decided that I don't like having any Cartel Coins at all, no sirree, so let's waste 'em on a 1440 CC armor set.

Solid plan.

I bought the Zakuul armor set and DAYYYUUUMMMM it's tight; so tight I rolled a new Sith Warrior just to wear it.  Then named him Zakuulian because LOL ALL FOR ZAKUUL.  For 1440 CC it better be tight.  But like, it's still tight in the overall sense as well, even factoring in the cost.  Until you realize that 1440 is the cost for one set.  And the account unlock is 720 CC.  That comes out to a price point of $17.83 for a full account unlock for the armor set (based on $19.99/2400 CC conversion rate).

Damn Biowurrr, yo prices scuuury.

It's a blastergunsaber.  Like that dude off Rebels.  Totally.  DON'T RUIN MY RP, DAMMIT.
Still, no buyer's remorse (yet).  I didn't take a screenshot of my new warrior cuz like WHY WOULD I DO THAT RIGHT.  Jesus, not sleeping and stuff is affecting my brainparts.  So here, just imagine this screenshot instead, 'cept a lightsaber instead of a gun and gray/black dye instead of the standard gold.  Use your imaginationilizers, dammit, that's what Geordi LaForge would want you to do.

Take a look, it's in a book, that you can't read in SWTOOOOOOOOR

On other fronts, my FFXIV time is dwindling down not cuz I don't like the game but I've got KotFE fever, but OMG NEW EPISODE OF TABLETOP BRB GUISE

Quick note!  SWTOR launched a new gameplay trailer this week  to show off the KotFE expansion!  I'll have some more thoughts on that next week as we learn more.  I'm obviously super excited about it.  FYI!  Here's a GAMESCOM 2015 CANTINA CODE!  Usable up to 50 times, so feel free to snag it while you can.  And if you'd like to get back into SWTOR, use my referral link!

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