Tuesday, October 27, 2015

KotFE Tips and Tricks - Want a 192 Weapon?

Today marks the general release of Knights of the Fallen Empire.  It's easy to say that this expansion release has been a complete and utter homerun for most of the playerbase (salty bastards on the forums notwithstanding).  There's a plethora of group content at max level, Alliance content, an enthralling storyline that features some of the best writing since the Agent class experience, and enough goodies to choke a gundark.  Through my time in Early Access (HAHA SUCK IT, PLEBES!), I've taken note of a few features that may help you out.  Check 'em out!

  • Keybind Import/Export 
One of the nicest quality-of-life changes that SWTOR implemented when they brewed up KotFE was the keybind export.  No more will you need to individually keybind all your ability rows!  But, there's an important step first ... you must set up a keybind set to export.  Don't forget to go into your favorite keybind setting and save it!  Without a save to import, the feature is useless!
  • Exploration Mission Toggle 
KotFE does a great job of identifying required/recommended missions by putting a gigantic purple/green triangle over them.  But if you want to see the exploration missions (ie, useless crap missions that we will never, ever miss), you'll need to toggle them on.  They're located on the map screen itself though, not in the Preferences.
  • Devoted Allies Weapons
Want a 192 weapon at level 55?  Shit yeah, you do.  The Devoted Ally weapons awarded for the completion of the Prelude to Revan events for SoR give out 192 weapons for companions.  Or, they DID.  Now, those weapons are no longer locked to companions and they are BIND ON LEGACY!  I moved a BoL Devoted Ally Sniper Rifle last night to my original Sniper from my 65 Warrior.  Worked like a charm!  And now he's got an absolute beast of a rifle to go all the way through KotFE.
  • 208 Gear at 65
Worried about what you want to buy with all those green data crystals?  At level 65, the game has 208 gear vendors on Odessen.  A full set will run you a tad over 1500 crystals (with a limit of 1000 on your character), so try not to max out before you get to level cap.  The 208 gear is pretty decent too and realistically, you can get through all 9 chapters with 180-190 level gear. 

I hope this helps you guys and gals out! And as always, stay locked and loaded agents!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No Spoilers - KotFE Kicks Ass

So I'm on the way back from work yesterday, and all I'm thinking is this:

And I get home and I've got stuff to do and kids to play with and a heating guy coming to fix our blower motor, but the whole time I'm like:

And then I finally get to log in and I'm like:

And then I'm on forums this morning lookin' at all these salty bastards and I'm like:

See you guys in KotFE tonight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Classic Conversation Mode

One of the more intriguing things I saw in the 4.0 patch notes yesterday was something called "Classic Conversation" mode.  I thought maybe that it would be a more cinematic experience?  Maybe a bit better camera positioning?

Nope.  Courtesy of the Alliance blog today, classic convo mode is straight up KOTOR dialogue boxes.  BEHOLD.
Goddammit, SWTOR.  God.  Damn.  It.

/logs on

UPDATE:  Looks like this is only active in the Alliance section of the game.  Which I'm totes cool with it, despite some folks being ultra-salty about it (*cough cough LARRY EVERETT cough cough*).


Just a friendly note!  SWTOR North American servers are up (unsure of European servers).  I'm not currently at home to test it out, but it looks like KotFE has been brewed.





Friday, October 9, 2015

KotFE - The Best Value in SWTOR's History

Knights of the Fallen Empire is poised to  become the best value that SWTOR has ever seen.  It's an insanely huge amount of content.  Let's take a look at what you're going to get if you subscribe for one measly month ($15 + tax total cost).

  • SWTOR Base Game  - Original Price $60
    • 50 levels with no XP restrictions, 8 unique class stories, spread across multiple planets.  4.0 experience changes smooth out the leveling curve, ensuring that you only need to complete the class storylines and the core planetary missions to easily hit level 50.
  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel - Original Price $20 F2P, $10 Subscriber
    • 5 levels on gorgeous Makeb, SWTOR's first expansion planet.  A streamlined questing experience makes this a fairly engaging story chunk.  Don't forget to do both Imperial and Republic to get the full story!
  • Shadow of Revan - Original Price $20
    • Multiple flashpoints,  both solo and group, 5 levels of story content (that I haven't even finished yet!), and sumptuous visuals highlight the next chapter in SWTOR.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire - Original Price $15 subscriber (one month)
    • The latest chapter(s) in the SWTOR mythos.  Chapters 1-9 will be delivered in late October with the only up-front price being the cost of a single month of subscription.
    • 5 extra levels of content, plus elongated lifecycle of older content.
  • Updated Operations and Flashpoints
    • Nearly all the old OPs and FPs are getting upgraded in level to become relevant again.
    • One month of sub provides unlimited access to FPs, OPs, and PVP
It's an incredible value.  That's a metric shit-ton of content for $15.  15 bucks.  Smackaroos.  Bones.  Simolians.  1500 pennies.  Like, damn.  Base game + 2 expansions + first 9 chapters of the new KotFE hotness.  Jesus.  11 days till release.  Hot damn.

New cantina code!  NYC hosted one this week and here it is!  If you missed the PAX Prime code, I have that as well.

Friday, October 2, 2015

KotFE Livestream Reactions

Howdy, fellow Fallen Empire inquirers!

Well, SWTOR's September 30th livestream was eventful, eh? We got info on level syncing, chapter 1 spoilers, crafting and gathering, a different style of companion, and so much more!  Ok, well, not a lot more but some more.

I think the main stars of the stream were clearly the gathering/crafting info and level syncing, but overall Musco did a fantastic job with the whole stream.

Actually, let me take some time out right now and thank Eric Musco for his spectacular work on the streams of late.  He's always been a fan favorite, since he used to be one of us (former host of TOROcast) and his stream work has been both engaging and informational (well, as informational as Bioware allows it to be).  I really enjoyed the pace and presentation of this 2-hour stream and Eric's style is exactly what I like.  Now to business.

REACTIONS OMG - I'll be cribbing off of Dulfy's list, located here:

  • UI Changes - Snap to grid, keybind importing.  I cannot stress how happy I am about snap to grid.  My UI is a motley collection of horribly aligned bars.  BIOWARE FIX PLZ.   
    • HYPE METER 10/10
  • Legendary Nameplate - Completing all 8 class stories gets you a little yellow thingy on your character name that can be toggled on/off.  A nice bonus for folks who leveled all the classes the old-fashioned way back in the before-times, or for slackers like me who waited for x12 to basically cheat our way to 60.   
    • HYPE METER 3/10
  • Collections Changes - Collections can now be sorted, searched, and can be listed an Earned or Incomplete.  Ever want to find a specific speeder?  Yeah, me too.  But scrolling through 14 pages of speeders is annoying as shit.  This will be fixed.   
    • HYPE METER 11/10
  •  New Level 60 Characters - The UI to create a new level 60 is quite nice; there are plenty of nice touches for a new player as well.  The tutorial experience to teach new players the ins and outs of the game is well-crafted.  Advanced options for us old pros are also available, which is ultra nice, and the gear for the new 60s is also legacy-bound blues (no mods, just stats) and adaptive!  The ability to switch the default spec to a spec you want to play is also nice; kinda required or else there'd be pitchforks, but nice that they thought of it ahead of time.   
    • HYPE METER 10/10
  • New Companion Type - Ever want an akk dog as a companion instead of Quinn?  Yeah, me too.  We'll be able to add DPS-only companions with no influence rating or sidequests, like akk dogs and probably cats, tauntauns, wampas ... owait, maybe not wampas.  We'll see.   
    • HYPE METER 6/10
  •  Temporary Ability Bars - When you toggle Heroic Moment, do you frantically have to open your skill window to use your Legacy stuff?  Or are you like me, and position all the Legacy actions on one bar, surrounding the Heroic Moment ability?  Well, has Bioware got the thing for youuu!  Now when Heroic Moment is activated, a temporary bar shoots out and has all your unlocked Legacy abilities!  OMG.  I never knew how much I needed this.  Temp bars will also display for Huttball and other activities!   
    • HYPE METER 15/10
  • Commendation Changes - Pretty simple re-name here.  Basic Comms become green Crystals.  Elite become blue, Ultimate turn purple.  All comms carry over at current rate (ie, you have 255 basic comms, you now have 255 green crystals).  Also, weekly cap on comms is now gone.  Grind to your heart's delight.   
    • HYPE METER 5/10 (mainly for the cap removal, that's dope)
  • Crafting/Gathering Changes - Ok, this may have been the co-star of the show.  Gathering is finally getting un-stupid.  Your skills now have a max level of 500 out of the gate.  You no longer have to train to 400, then 450, then 500.  Also, your skill directly determines the output of nodes.  No longer will you have "INSUFFICIENT SKILL TO ACCESS THIS NODE, NOOBCAKES."  Finally.  If you have low skill on a high-level node, then you won't get much.  If you have high skill on a low-level node, then you'll get lots.  All crafted gear will now be a minimum blue quality to make it more useful to us.  Also, crafting mats have been simplified.  Also, any mats you have right now that are getting phased out (will be listed in a blog coming next week), those will be converted at a 1:1 rate for newer mats.  So nice.
    • HYPE METER 20/10
  • Level Sync - Ok, this is the one that's been on my mind the most.  Ever since Reddit datamined the sync feature, I've been very, very afraid of what this would do to the game.  Thankfully, those fears were mostly unfounded.  Firstly, level sync is NOT a toggle.  It's forced, whether you like or not.  You'll  be synced down to the highest possible level of the planet.  Don't worry, you'll still be OP as hell ... just not '1-shotting World Bosses' OP.  The reason for this syncing is actually pretty good ... heroic missions now grant the green crystals and XP equivalent to your level.  Remember how there's no weekly cap on green crystals .... yeah, this is why.  Hey, you want to grind out 1000 green crystals in a couple of days, 20 at a time?  Yup, planetary heroics.  Go grind 'em out.  Oh, they're all over the place, right?  Well, there's a handy mission terminal on the fleet.  And it not only gives out all the heroic missions (soloable if they are lower level than you), but it also provides you a priority transport button that takes you straight to the planet.  Yeah.  Fuckin' a-mazin'.   I was worried before.  Now I am not.
    • HYPE METER 100/10
  •  Legacy Changes - Retroactive, legacy datacrons unlocked for all your characters.  Random mount/pet buttons.  Speeder training via legacy at level 1.  *ejaculates*
    • HYPE METER 100/10 
  • Cape Clipping - Capes no longer clip through speeders.
    • HYPE METER ∞/10

I just can't.  Like, this whole thing.  I can't.  Story looks amazeballs.  Changes are bonkers.  I just can't.

You done good, Bioware.  You done good.