Friday, October 9, 2015

KotFE - The Best Value in SWTOR's History

Knights of the Fallen Empire is poised to  become the best value that SWTOR has ever seen.  It's an insanely huge amount of content.  Let's take a look at what you're going to get if you subscribe for one measly month ($15 + tax total cost).

  • SWTOR Base Game  - Original Price $60
    • 50 levels with no XP restrictions, 8 unique class stories, spread across multiple planets.  4.0 experience changes smooth out the leveling curve, ensuring that you only need to complete the class storylines and the core planetary missions to easily hit level 50.
  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel - Original Price $20 F2P, $10 Subscriber
    • 5 levels on gorgeous Makeb, SWTOR's first expansion planet.  A streamlined questing experience makes this a fairly engaging story chunk.  Don't forget to do both Imperial and Republic to get the full story!
  • Shadow of Revan - Original Price $20
    • Multiple flashpoints,  both solo and group, 5 levels of story content (that I haven't even finished yet!), and sumptuous visuals highlight the next chapter in SWTOR.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire - Original Price $15 subscriber (one month)
    • The latest chapter(s) in the SWTOR mythos.  Chapters 1-9 will be delivered in late October with the only up-front price being the cost of a single month of subscription.
    • 5 extra levels of content, plus elongated lifecycle of older content.
  • Updated Operations and Flashpoints
    • Nearly all the old OPs and FPs are getting upgraded in level to become relevant again.
    • One month of sub provides unlimited access to FPs, OPs, and PVP
It's an incredible value.  That's a metric shit-ton of content for $15.  15 bucks.  Smackaroos.  Bones.  Simolians.  1500 pennies.  Like, damn.  Base game + 2 expansions + first 9 chapters of the new KotFE hotness.  Jesus.  11 days till release.  Hot damn.

New cantina code!  NYC hosted one this week and here it is!  If you missed the PAX Prime code, I have that as well.

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