Tuesday, October 27, 2015

KotFE Tips and Tricks - Want a 192 Weapon?

Today marks the general release of Knights of the Fallen Empire.  It's easy to say that this expansion release has been a complete and utter homerun for most of the playerbase (salty bastards on the forums notwithstanding).  There's a plethora of group content at max level, Alliance content, an enthralling storyline that features some of the best writing since the Agent class experience, and enough goodies to choke a gundark.  Through my time in Early Access (HAHA SUCK IT, PLEBES!), I've taken note of a few features that may help you out.  Check 'em out!

  • Keybind Import/Export 
One of the nicest quality-of-life changes that SWTOR implemented when they brewed up KotFE was the keybind export.  No more will you need to individually keybind all your ability rows!  But, there's an important step first ... you must set up a keybind set to export.  Don't forget to go into your favorite keybind setting and save it!  Without a save to import, the feature is useless!
  • Exploration Mission Toggle 
KotFE does a great job of identifying required/recommended missions by putting a gigantic purple/green triangle over them.  But if you want to see the exploration missions (ie, useless crap missions that we will never, ever miss), you'll need to toggle them on.  They're located on the map screen itself though, not in the Preferences.
  • Devoted Allies Weapons
Want a 192 weapon at level 55?  Shit yeah, you do.  The Devoted Ally weapons awarded for the completion of the Prelude to Revan events for SoR give out 192 weapons for companions.  Or, they DID.  Now, those weapons are no longer locked to companions and they are BIND ON LEGACY!  I moved a BoL Devoted Ally Sniper Rifle last night to my original Sniper from my 65 Warrior.  Worked like a charm!  And now he's got an absolute beast of a rifle to go all the way through KotFE.
  • 208 Gear at 65
Worried about what you want to buy with all those green data crystals?  At level 65, the game has 208 gear vendors on Odessen.  A full set will run you a tad over 1500 crystals (with a limit of 1000 on your character), so try not to max out before you get to level cap.  The 208 gear is pretty decent too and realistically, you can get through all 9 chapters with 180-190 level gear. 

I hope this helps you guys and gals out! And as always, stay locked and loaded agents!


  1. Wait, I only saw radiant crystal gear vendors, what am I missing? I checked each one and they all wanted the radiant crystals. Hmm help me out with this one, would be an excellent pro tip for new folks! Thanks!

    1. Vendors should be located in the common area of Odessen; if you can't find them however, they're located on Rishii as well! Selling level 65 208 gear. My Warrior was perusing the goods last night (hit 65 on Rishii).