Monday, February 15, 2016

World of GTN-Craft: The GTN-ening

Hello fellow Targeters!

Sorry I've been so radio silent recently.  I've gotten a new promotion (yay!) and had a new baby (yay!) but this means my time has been zero (boo!).

I've also been playing a bit of WoW in my limited free time.  Now before you start throwing things at your screen, understand that it was my first real MMO (sorry, Puzzle Pirates you don't count).  Every now and then, I like to go back to it ... it always scratches that nostalgia factor.  I went ahead and pre-ordered Legion; I've seen enough new stuff that I'll give it a shot.

I can firmly say, though, that my raiding days are pretty much over.  Oh, I'll help out here and there if I can.  I'll soak up some gear that would have been disenchanted anyways.  But my time as a devoted raider has come to a stop.  I don't even show up for voluntary fun runs anymore.

It's more of a deal with me than the content.  Granted, Hellfire Citadel may be one of the most intensely boring raids I've ever done (on par with Dragon Soul) so that doesn't help, but I think the whole gear treadmill is really just a major annoyance for me now.  I understand the gear lifecycle in MMOs.  SWTOR's got one too!  But in WoW, all you HAVE is the gear lifecycle.  It's all raids, all the time.  There's nothing else to really fill that hole unless you pet battle (and if you do HOLY HELL BWHAHAHAHAHA OK).  PVP is the same as it ever was; Ashran isn't a total disaster (and with a good group can be really, really fun!) but that's about it.  Battlegrounds are battlegrounds.  One side is getting stomped all the time.  Dungeons haven't been relevant since launch.  What else is there to do but raid?

Couple that with the arms race for raid mechanics (they get more and more complex as Blizzard pumps out the raids), and you have a very unfulfilling play cycle.  Get ready to raid.  Raid.  Master mechanics.  Get more gear.  Raid.  Master harder mechanics on the same bosses.  Get even more gear.  Raid some more on the same bosses again.  See a pattern?

It's a known quantity though, which is why I felt comfortable pre-ordering and playing WoW.  I've successfully scratched that itch though, and I've felt the seductive pull of SWTOR again.  Oh, and how tempting a mistress she is ...

I deleted a lowbie Juggernaut last night to reroll as a Sentinel.  I've never really done the whole two-saber thingy as a Force-user; all of my Knights and Warriors have been the tanky kinds.  I like the durability, plus apparently the damage on Juggs right now is pretty insane!  I was inspired by this post on Reddit; the new 'Classic Vibroswords' have an incredible look; they sheathe on the back!  So, Chiss Sentinel Vanquix, Shadow's Master here I come!  Combined with the Dramatic Extrovert armor (for maximum underboob action) and two vibroswords strapped to the back, and you've got yourself one badass little Sentinel.  Or a candidate for Njessi's HALL OF SHAAAAAAME.

After rerolling a new Sentinel (who's totes gonna go darkside, DUH), I went to clear out Targeter's vault.  As you may or may not know, I like to buy hypercrates when my CC stash gets high enough.  Combined with a very disciplined approach to buying CCs and buying hypercrates on the GTN when they are very low, I've been incredibly lucky to be sitting on stockpiles of goods that sell for boatloads.  This time around is no different.  I always hang on to decorations; if you keep them in storage for 6-9 months, you can basically guarantee that the supply of those decos is gone by the time yours hits the market.  And Ebon Hawk is a particularly lucrative market!  I was able to offload some armory cabinets, some tables, even a Selkath couch!  Those, plus some various armor sets I had laying around netted me around 5 million this morning.

Best part is that I've got an entire Reaver's set ready to hit market.  I'm torn though; I'm sitting on about a combined 15-20 million creds.  The Reaver's set will probably fetch me another 5-6 total.  Do I really need to have that much?  I know, I know, there's a LOT of folks out there who have hundreds of millions of credits.  I don't play that much, so my little stash is a lot to me, dammit!  But do I really need all that cash?  I've got enough to buy whatever I need (I don't endgame craft or raid, so no cred sink there) and a lot of the higher end mounts ... well, I sell those, I don't care about keeping them.  I usually target a couple of mounts every now and then, but I usually envision a specific selection of mounts for each character.  Targeter gets the sleek Monocycle or the Korrealis Commander, Droideka (my droid-looking Bounty Hunter) gets the Orlean Fortune Hunter, my Sith Warrior Zakuulian gets the bulky Dasta Titan or the incredible Minas Wasp.

I dunno.  #FirstWorldAgentProblems I guess.  #MOMONEYMOPROBLEMZ

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