Monday, May 16, 2016

Unpopular Opinion: Overwatch is Kinda Shit

Look at that fucking video.  Beautifully animated?  Yup.  Good voice-acting?  You betcha.  Exciting?  My dick is still hard.  But seriously ... can it have any more tropes in it?  Is there any space for anything more fucking obvious?  Green baby jesus, that's so cookie cutter that it hurts.

That video is a microcosm of the Overwatch experience; flashy, well-made, and ultimately devoid of any substance.  The epitome of how Blizzard develop titles these days.  I was recently involved in the Overwatch beta and played for a bit.  I tried out more than a few characters, with Bastion and Genji being my favorites.  I found the maps to be well-done, the character movement and responsiveness was excellent.  Actually, saying that they were excellent is doing it a disservice.  The controls were flawless.  It was a joy to play.  Well, up until it wasn't.

And that's the real problem here, isn't it?  This is a multiplayer shooter.  It will never be anything more than that.  It will never have a story mode (well, if they do roll one out this is an instant buy).  They have "plot" in the game, but only insomuch as character interactions before battle (and sometimes during battle) and some clues in the environment.  There is no story other than "shoot that guy in the face and listen to some witty comments."  

That's a real shame, too.  Since the game was born from the aborted fetus of Titan, Blizzard's next MMO, I think there was a real chance at one point for this to be an engrossing game.  It definitely feels like it should be bigger than the arena shooter that it is.  But it's not.  And it won't be.  It's a lobby game to play when you're bored.

Too bad.  Feels like Blizzard could have really made something here, maybe a game that could have taken the reins from Star Wars Battlefront 2; complete with an engrossing campaign, full bot modes, conquest-style gameplay ... oh well.

But you know what?  For $40 on PC, this may be a pretty good buy if you're into shooters.  For all its story faults and flashiness, the core mechanics of this game are un-fucking-believable.  It's on such a different level that I'm tempted to buy it my damn self, even after I just shit all over it.

EDIT: I fuckin' bought it.  Of course I did.  I'm such a sack of crap.  Also, my opinion is not wildly changed.  Playing with my old guildmates makes it more fun, but it's still fairly hollow.  But, $40 is pretty cheap and I know they'll add all sorts of stuff to it.  I'm thinking of it as more of an investment.

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