Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dark vs Light Event PRO TIP - WZ XP

So, you guys want an easy ~300K experience for your newly created DvL event character?  Get to level 10 and follow these instructions:

  • Queue for a warzone
  • Get into the warzone and grab the daily quests
  • Complete the warzone and leave
  • Queue for another warzone; turn in the quests while in the warzone itself
  • Grab the weekly
  • Rinse/repeat queuing until all warzone requirements fulfilled
  • Queue for warzone again and turn into terminals when you enter warzone
I was able to snag there 96,000XP quests in about 25 minutes last night thanks to this.  My Sith Warrior (Rokugan on Ebon Hawk, come say hi!) went from level 13 to 22.  You'll also net a couple thousand warzone marks and wind up around Valor rank 10 (for later in the DvL achievement list).

You're welcome!


  1. I don't think you need to be inside a warzone for this, I think they just screwed up the PvP daily XP with the recent patch. Doing the introduction to warzones quest plus my first daily catapulted my smuggler right from 19 to 22 (and she handed them in outside).

  2. Yay, finally more XP for warzones... I think? Not sure how I feel about this, because I actually *like* to let my low levels last as long as possible (on some characters I only play PvP), so I have some choices of characters available per PvP bracket. Perhaps I should buy a new character slot and make another toon then after all, so I won't mind if she skyrockets to 50.